Friday, March 31, 2006

The Bridge

I live in the country. Not a tame suburban country with manicured lawns, but not quite the great untamed wilderness either. One half mile before the traveler reaches my home lies The Bridge. I drive over the bridge every day. I walk across the bridge. My dogs walk across the bridge. People ride their horses across the bridge. My 80 year old neighbor walks and drives across the bridge. At various times I have encountered skunks, foxes, raccoons and even cats crossing the bridge. However, my dearest friend, when invited to my house, murmurs, "Oh, I would love to, but......The Bridge....."

Okay, I admit the bridge is old. It creaks, rattles and vibrates. I admit the bridge is high. I don't know how high, but it is a far piece above the river. But the bridge is also beautiful. It is a part of the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program. The AHPP describes it as a "two-span, Pratt steel pony truss bridge built in the early 1900's." The designer of this particular bridge is unknown.

I can't imagine life in the country without The Bridge. With some occasional repairs and improvements, it continues to stand throughout winter storms and spring floods. And as long as it stands, I will continue to cross it.

More spring flowers.............

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Spring.......don't ya just love it?!!! Like my canine counterpart, I enjoy digging in the dirt. Little does Jasper realize that I do bury things and the results were spectacular several weeks ago when I took these pictures.

In the language of flowers, daffodils mean chivalry and red tulips are a declaration of love.

My name is Jasper. As you can see, I am a handsome fellow who has no problem posing in the midst of purple flowers. I am a miniature Dachshund. My hobbies are digging, chasing rabbits, digging, wrestling with my cat, digging and going on long walks with my human. My human spends a lot of time wondering why I like to dig so much. She uses a shovel and digs in the woods near our house so I know she understands the whole digging concept. My human puts the dirt she digs in a big, red wheelbarrow. She pushes the wheelbarrow around the lawn and puts her dirt in all the holes that I have spent countless hours digging. I don't understand her obsession. My holes are terrific. They are all different shapes and sizes. When it rains, they are all full of water which is very convenient when I am working outside and need a quick drink. My human also digs in large areas she calls gardens and beds. These areas are off limits for me. My human sticks things like flowers, herbs and vegetables in the holes she digs then she fills the holes up. What is that about? She doesn't even bury the stuff.